What is MusicZen and how to get started


Here is an introduction video to get you familiar with MusicZen:

In this video I introduce MusicZen and show you how to quickly get started.

MusicZen is a simple Windows Desktop application designed to help you move, rename, and organized mp3 files with ease. MusicZen reads the tag in each mp3 file and it uses this information to move or copy the files into another location placing them in the directory structure of your choice.

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Referenced Links:

ID3 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ID3
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6 responses to “What is MusicZen and how to get started”

  1. I have a ‘music’ folder with 22,000 songs, these have become a bit disorganised over the years, with sub folders and duplicates, would music zen be able to handle so many files in one batch? Also I have them stored on a western digital my book live connected to my home network, if I download music zen onto my laptop will I be able to copy the files from my wd hard drive folder (music) to a new organised folder on my wd hard drive?

    • Hi john, the answer is yes. MusicZen will help you copy the files from your external HD to another hard drive or to any folder on your computer. It will organize the files based on the files id tags and in accord with your selected preference. It can handle a large library such as yours and it will do it in one click 🙂 Hope this answer helped. Let me know if you have any further questions.

  2. your download link within the email provides me with an application thats named ” yCXxVN85QKNwOp7t6IZD_MusicZen_v1.4.4_adv (1)” and not “MusicZen_v1.4_portable.exe” as explained in your website… and upon trying to run said program it never runs and only shows a black screen for a brief milisecond. please help.

  3. baixei o aplicativo, selecionei a pasta ”musicas” e criei uma pasta secundária pra enviar as musicas organizadas pra lá. Acontece que foram feitas milhares de pastas e 90% das minhas musicas nao foram pra lá. Um exemplo, eu tenho todas as musicas da anitta, depois da ”organização” foi feita uma pasta com o nome dela e só com 1 musica. Gostaria de saber oq posso fazer pra consertar isso.

    • Olá Milla, você pode verificar o arquivo txt no diretório de destino. Esse arquivo mostrará por que os arquivos não foram transferidos. Desculpe pela demora na resposta.

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