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MusicZen on FLATTR


I recently wrote about Flattr and how I came to it. I love this idea of micro donations. To me, it is some what related to Micro finance (except you do not have to pay it back), which is what Kiva.org is all about! and as you probably know, I am a big fan of Kiva. As a contributor and developer, I benefit from the ability to give and receive support from others who make products and share it with the world. MusicZen was built as a result of this. I gathered information and resources provided by many different people and organizations from all over the world and simply put it together to create the product you see today. Of course it helps to have some programming experience, but still, I just read numerous Blogs and Articles and used various frameworks and libraries that were built by different people. This is what made it happen. Because of this, I have signed up on with Flattr.com. I think it creates a simple process to give and receive, and who does not like when things are simple 🙂

MusicZen is now part the Flattr catalog to allow visitors an easy way to contribute to it. It also allows me to contribute to the great work other developers do that have actually allow me to create this little app as well.


If you decide to Flattr MusicZen, I will send you the portable files for the latest version of MusicZen as a sincere ‘Thank You’. You can use these files to run MusicZen anywhere you like. Use it from a USB drive or transfer it to another computer. Take it with you to your neighboors house and help him or her find and organized their scatter mp3 files or, you can just merge multiple small collections into one big collection. It is all up to you.

Then you can feel good about helping me and helping others at the same time. After all, this is what its all about.

Take care and thank you for visiting.

By hsnyc