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How to convert .m4a files to .mp3 using iTunes.

I have been asked several times for advice on how to organize a music library with mixed file formats and what tools are best for the task. There are several ways to go about this and it is mostly based on preference. My advice would be to see which format most of your files are in now, and convert the minority to what the majority of files are in. For example, say you have 75% mp3 and 25% m4a, I would suggest converting those 25% into mp3 and using a tool like MusicZen to rename, move, and organize your files into the appropriate folders. Of course it is ultimately up to you which format to pick and which tool to use. You may decide to convert the mp3s instead and there are many great programs out there that can help you organize file formats other than mp3s. (more…)

By hsnyc

MusicZen is truncating the file name or does not read certain tags.

If you notice that MusicZen is truncating your files or they are missing a letter in the file or folder name after you have run MusicZen, or that some file tags are not being recognized even after you have verified the mp3 file shows the tag when you look at the file properties, this may be caused by a bad file or corruption in the encoding of the file.

This problem may occur on files that were created with an older or buggy mp3 encoder. The mp3 metadata may be bad, invalid, or simply corrupted. Also, these files may have invalid symbols or characters within the tag that are removed by MusicZen or otherwise not recognized.

In order to organize these files with MusicZen, you will need to do the following. NOTE: You only have to do this once to have your files metadata repaired.


By hsnyc