The easiest way to organize your MP3 Music Files


Search and organize in just a few clicks with just the right amount of options.


Easy to use interface. You will start organizing your files in no time.


Run it in the background and organize your files automatically when you download them (NEW in version 2).


Organize a huge music library at incredibles speeds!

for Lifetime License (Reg $18)
Unlock advanced features and receive Unlimited Updates,
and we will notify you when version 2 ships!

Supports mp3, flac, ogg, aac, m4a, wma, ape, wav, aiff and many more file types.

MusicZen is an incredibly simple utility that will allow you to organize your mp3 files by searching, naming, and placing them into the directory structure of your choice.

If you have a lot of scattered mp3 music files on your computer, or if you just want to re-organize your mp3 files and folders, this utility will save you time by allowing you to find your files, re-name them, and move them in just a few clicks. Purchasing a license will unlock some advanced features that will provide you more flexibility. It will also support our development efforts and help fund a few Kiva loans too!

Already downloaded MusicZen? Then check out the reference guide to get started.

Basic vs. Advance
Features Basic Advanced
Move or copy mp3 files from one folder to another. tiny-leave tiny-leave
Organize mp3 files in a directory structure. tiny-leave tiny-leave
Rename files as defined by the directory structure. tiny-leave tiny-leave
Counts and ignores duplicate files when moving or copying. tiny-leave tiny-leave
Portable files – No installation required. tiny-leave tiny-leave
Ability to re-arrange the directory folder structure. tiny-leave
Ability to construct the mp3 file name. tiny-leave
Option to copy/move the directories without renaming the mp3 files. tiny-leave
Option to copy/move the mp3 files without creating the directories. tiny-leave

Current Version: 1.4 | Change Log
Version 1.4 runs on Windows only (10, 8, 7, Vista, XP). Version 2 will run on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Try the v2 Beta!

(Windows | MacOS | Linux)


Search and organize multiple file types (version 2)

Search your hard drives or networked folders for variety of file types such as MP3, FLAC, WAV, MP4, and OGG.. current version (v1.4) only supports MP3 files.

Construct Folders and File Names

Manually arrange your file and folder structure or choose from the pre defined selections.

See the Results (version 2)

View a report of your organized files to get an over view of your music collection. In version 1.4 the report is shown via a text file.

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