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What is MusicZen and how to get started

Here is an introduction video to get you familiar with MusicZen:

In this video I introduce MusicZen and show you how to quickly get started.

MusicZen is a simple Windows Desktop application designed to help you move, rename, and organized mp3 files with ease. MusicZen reads the tag in each mp3 file and it uses this information to move or copy the files into another location placing them in the directory structure of your choice.

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By hsnyc

How to convert .m4a files to .mp3 using iTunes.

I have been asked several times for advice on how to organize a music library with mixed file formats and what tools are best for the task. There are several ways to go about this and it is mostly based on preference. My advice would be to see which format most of your files are in now, and convert the minority to what the majority of files are in. For example, say you have 75% mp3 and 25% m4a, I would suggest converting those 25% into mp3 and using a tool like MusicZen to rename, move, and organize your files into the appropriate folders. Of course it is ultimately up to you which format to pick and which tool to use. You may decide to convert the mp3s instead and there are many great programs out there that can help you organize file formats other than mp3s. (more…)

By hsnyc