MusicZen v1.4 Released!


I have been working over time this weekend to release this update. Among other things, it now allows you to download any updates directly from the license form, instead of taking you to the home page, which was no help since the download link for the portable file was modified.

The new licenses are now in place and working the way they should. Other bugs were addressed as well. See the Change Log for more details on this update.

For current license holders, you can download the updated version using this link –> MusicZen v1.4. You can register it again, or, you can just move the license.xml file from the old version to the “MusicZen/Program Files” folder in the new version and it should recognize it. If you encounter any issues or have questions please contact me via the contact form or by leaving a comment below.

Thats it for now. Thank you for supporting MusicZen and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

By hsnyc

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