Duplicate File Handling in MusicZen


In this post I will try to give a quick over view of how MusicZen handles duplicate mp3 files.

When multiple files are found with the same tag information the files are flagged as duplicates, MusicZen will then compare the bit rate, duration, and file size. The file with the highest bit rate, duration, and file size will be selected 🙂 If some of these properties are the same then it will compare them in order and then one file is selected.

The order in which the file is selected is as follows:

  1. If the bit rate is the same it will compare duration. The file with the longest duration will be selected.
  2. If bit rate and duration are the same then the file size is compared. The file with the biggest file size is selected.
  3. If bit rate, duration, and file size are the same, then the first file in its queue will be selected since they are considered the same file by MusicZen.

There is no complicated byte, hash or character-level comparison here. Just a simple logical comparison of these file properties.

I am considering integrating more options like the ability to select which bit rate to keep in a future version. But for now I hope this helps in knowing which file MusicZen will end up moving or copying at the end of its run.

I welcome any questions, feedback, and/or feature requests via my contact form.

Thank you for stopping by and for using MusicZen.

By hsnyc

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