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To get started, you simply specify the source and destination folders and click ‘Organize’. MusicZen will then search for any .mp3 files under your source folder (including sub-directories) and move or copy the files to the destination folder. Along the way, it will rename the files and build the directory structure of your choice. If the files you are trying to move have duplicates, MusicZen will transfer only one copy of the file to the destination folder and leave the duplicate in the source folder. At the end of the run, it will let you know how many duplicates it found.

MusicZen will not tag your music files; rather, it will read the existing tags in your mp3 files and use this information to create the directories and the name of your files. If MusicZen does not find this information, it will place the files in an “Unknown” folder.

If you have a large collection of files we always recommend running a test with a small amount of files first to make sure the output is what you had intended. We also recommend using ‘copy’ rather than ‘move’ on your first run.

Just remember, MusicZen organizes your music files based on the file tags that your files already have, so if your files are missing tags or dont have correctly labeled tags then the output will reflect that.

If you have any further questions please contact us. We are here to help. Thank you for using MusicZen.




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